Currently due to the Covid 19 Guidelines. Only online sessions will be available until further notice.

Prices and locations

Each session will last around 50 minutes and must be paid via BACS prior to attending your initial assessment. Further sessions may be paid in cash or BACS upon arrival. All sessions are available Monday to Friday. Cancellations must be notified within 24 hours.


Face to Face Sessions

One to one sessions are available for £40 per session within a Glasgow City Centre practice.

Online Sessions

Online sessions can be carried out for £35 per session for anyone within the UK.


Following an initial assessment the client and therapist will come to an agreement on the suitability of CBT as a treatment and how to progress towards the client’s goals. This will include the number and frequency of sessions. CBT is usually a short term method of treatment as it encourages the individual to become their own therapist. Therefore, the duration of treatment can vary from around 6 to 20 sessions dependent on the presenting problem.